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We recently tried out the FLEXCUT Right-Handed Carvin’ Jack Improved Version 2.0, we wanted to see if it held up to the standards set by the original and ask the most important question of all – is it worth the price tag?

FLEXCUT Right-Handed Carvin' Jack Improved Version 2.0, Folding Multi-Tool for Woodcarving, 4 1/4 inch Closed Length, 6 Blades Included (JKN291)

Review At a Glance:

The FLEXCUT Carvin’ Jack 2.0 is a very high-quality tool.

  • It has all the blades you need.
  • Its constructued out of very high quality materials and will last forever.
  • Its very comfortable to use.
  • Once sharpened, the blades hold an edge well.
  • It carves through tight corners easily.
  • The blades are thin enough for carving intricate details


  • It is a bit pricey compared to competitors (although has a better quality build)
  • It doesn’t come pre-sharpened
  • The handle can become slippery with sweat or moisture

Overall our results using the Carvin’ Jack were very positive. You can see current pricing on it here.

Important: If you are right-handed and cut towards yourself – get the right-handed model. If you are right handed and cut away from yourself – get the left-handed model.

Overview of FLEXCUT Carvin’ Jack

This folding multi-tool comprises six blades in one compact, 4.25-inch package. The blades include a Detail Knife, Straight Gouge, Hook Knife, V-Scorp, Gouge Scorp, and Pelican Knife.

Its made from high-carbon stainless steel with silver aluminum handles, so it should last forever, and it looks great.

It also comes with a Slipstrop and FlexCut Gold polishing compound to keep your blades sharp and well-maintained. Additionally, the natural leather belt sheath makes it convenient for carrying.

Our Main Complaint:

We would have liked more grip on the handle. It has a smooth finish and can become slippery with moisture build-up.

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FLEXCUT’s High Carbon Stainless Blade

We’ve had the opportunity to use the FLEXCUT Carvin’ Jack V2.0, and the star feature of this folding multi-tool is definitely its high carbon stainless blade. The sharpness and precision of the blade make woodcarving a breeze, and it holds its edge quite well. Even after hours spent on carving projects, the blade has remained reliable.

One thing we should mention is that although the blade edge is impressive, regular maintenance is necessary to keep it in optimal condition. Luckily, the Carvin’ Jack V2.0 comes with a Slipstrop and FlexCut Gold polishing compound, making maintenance easy and convenient.

The multi-tool offers six different blade options including a detail knife, straight gouge, hook knife, V-Scorp, gouge scorp, and a pelican knife. This variety allows for versatile carving possibilities, but keep in mind that hand washing is recommended to maintain the blades’ integrity.

Overall, FLEXCUT’s high carbon stainless blade ensures clean cuts and precise detail work, while its versatility suited our woodcarving needs.

Silver Aluminum Handle Impressions

While using the FLEXCUT Carvin’ Jack 2.0, we were immediately impressed with the silver aluminum handle that not only looks sleek and professional but also provides a lightweight and comfortable grip.

Handling woodcarving tasks became a breeze for us, as the handle allows for better control and precision in our work. The aluminum material also adds durability to the tool, ensuring that it can last through numerous carving sessions.

However, we did notice that the smooth finish of the handle might require some getting used to, especially for those with wet or sweaty hands. It can become slippery in such cases, leading to a loss of control during carving.

A textured handle might have been more grippable, but overall, the silver aluminum handle leaves a positive impression with its smart design and ease of use.

Customer Reviews Insights

We found that most of the customers praise the FLEXCUT Carvin’ Jack 2.0 for its excellent quality and sharp blades. Users love that it’s made in the US and is a versatile tool, especially when they want to carry just one tool for their woodcarving sessions.

However, some reviews pointed out that the blade sharpness could be slightly better out of the box, requiring additional effort to achieve the desired sharpness.

That being said, they were generally impressed by the lack of blade play and its sturdy, all-metal construction. The only minor drawback mentioned by customers was that they found it a bit pricey.

The Value of The Provided Slipstrop And Polishing Compound

The included Slipstrop and FlexCut Gold polishing compound are a valuable addition.

Since carving tools need regular sharpening to deliver optimal performance, it’s important to have an easy way to maintain the blades. The Slipstrop and FlexCut Gold compound enable just that, keeping the blades sharp and the creative process smooth.

We did find that the blade needed a lot of sharpening out of the box but the slipstrop and polish allowed us to achieve that easily.

Our Verdict

Overall, the few drawbacks are easily overshadowed by the numerous benefits, making the FLEXCUT Carvin’ Jack V2.0 one of the highest quality folding knife sets on the market. While it may come with a slightly higher price tag, the top-quality construction and excellent range of tools surely justify the investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What improvements does V2.0 offer over previous Carvin’ Jack models?

In the improved V2.0 version of the Flexcut Carvin’ Jack, there are several noticeable enhancements. The overall build quality has been upgraded, providing a more robust tool that is less prone to blade loosening or wobbling. Additionally, the blades are even sharper than before, meaning users can expect more precise and effortless cutting. The convenient size and improved folding mechanism have also made it even more portable and accessible for on-the-go wood carving enthusiasts.

How does Flexcut Carvin’ Jack compare to Old Timer Carving Jack?

When examining Flexcut Carvin’ Jack and Old Timer Carving Jack, some key differences stand out. The Flexcut Carvin’ Jack boasts six tool blades in a compact, foldable design, including a detail knife, straight gouge, hook knife, V-Scorp, gouge scorp, and a pelican knife. These diverse options provide versatility in your carving projects. Whereas, the Old Timer Carving Jack offers fewer blade options, limiting the variety of wood carving techniques that can be utilized.

Additionally, the Flexcut Carvin’ Jack surpasses the old timer in terms of build quality and sharpness of its high carbon stainless steel blades, resulting in an overall more precise and enjoyable carving experience.

What is the best sharpening method for Carvin’ Jack?

The tool comes with a Slipstrop and FlexCut Gold polishing compound, which are specially designed for keeping the blades sharp and polished. Here are the steps for sharpening:

  1. Apply the FlexCut Gold polishing compound to the Slipstrop
  2. Strop the blade of the tool against the Slipstrop edge at the same angle as the blade edge
  3. Repeat the process several times until you achieve the desired sharpness

This process will help maintain the edge and prolong the life of your Carvin’ Jack’s blades.

Is the Flexcut Carvin’ Jack suitable for whittling projects?

Yes, the Flexcut Carvin’ Jack is highly suitable for whittling projects. With its diverse array of six tool blades in one, it offers the versatility and convenience needed for various whittling techniques. The high-quality build and razor-sharp blades allow for precise cuts and intricate detailing on your projects. Also, the folding design makes it easy to carry around, perfect for those spontaneous whittling sessions.

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