Welcome to Texas Wood Carvers – we’re building a community of passionate wood carvers.

Our Story

Nestled in the heart of a state known for its rich history of craftsmanship and artistry, Texas Wood Carvers was born from a simple yet profound love for wood carving. Our founder, Richard, started with a piece of wood and a handful of tools in a small Texan workshop/garage. The joy of transforming a raw piece of nature into a work of art sparked the vision for a community where this passion could be shared and nurtured.

Our Mission

At Texas Wood Carvers, we believe that wood carving is more than a hobby; it’s a legacy that weaves through the grains of time, telling stories of culture, tradition, and the human spirit. Our mission is to grow a vibrant community of carvers, from curious beginners to seasoned artisans, who all share a common thread – a passion for wood carving.

We are dedicated to:

  • Educating: Providing comprehensive tutorials, guides, and tips to help you master the craft.
  • Inspiring: Showcasing the incredible works of our members to spark creativity.
  • Connecting: Building bridges between carvers to share, support, and learn from one another.
  • Preserving: Upholding the traditions of wood carving while embracing innovative techniques and styles.

What We Offer

  • Step-by-Step Tutorials: For beginners and advanced carvers, covering various techniques and projects.
  • Tips & Techniques: From choosing the right tools to finishing your pieces, we provide insights to refine your skills.
  • Community Showcase: A platform for you to share your masterpieces and stories with fellow carvers.
  • Workshops & Events: Local and online gatherings to learn, collaborate, and celebrate our craft.
  • Resources: Curated lists of tools, suppliers, and patterns to keep you well-equipped and inspired.

Join Our Community

Whether you’re here to learn the basics, share your latest project, or just admire the incredible talent of our members, you’re in the right place. Texas Wood Carvers is more than a website – it’s a community home to the heartbeat of wood carving culture.

We invite you to carve your path with us. Share your knowledge, learn from others, and be part of a community that values the timeless art of wood carving.

Meet Richard Wilson

At the heart of Texas Wood Carvers is our founder, Richard Wilson, a self-taught maestro of the craft with a chisel in hand and a decade of experience etched into his work. Richard’s journey into the world of wood carving began in the humble confines of his garage, where shavings of wood and the scent of pine first mingled with his dreams of creating something truly special.

A Self-Made Artisan

Richard’s story is one of passion ignited and skill honed purely by the persistent call of curiosity. Without formal training, he embarked on a path of learning that was paved with trial, error, and triumph. Over the years, Richard’s hands have coaxed out the hidden stories within blocks of wood, bringing to life an array of projects that range from intricate figurines to grand sculptures.

The Spirit Behind Texas Wood Carvers

Richard’s vision for Texas Wood Carvers is deeply rooted in his own experiences. He knows the challenges of starting alone, the satisfaction of personal growth, and the joy that comes from sharing your creations with the world. His aim is to cultivate a space where knowledge, support, and enthusiasm for wood carving flourish.

A Mentor and Friend

Today, Richard not only continues to push the boundaries of his own abilities but also dedicates himself to mentoring others. He is a firm believer in learning by doing and encourages the members of Texas Wood Carvers to dive into the hands-on experience of carving, sharing their progress, and growing together.

Richard’s warm, approachable nature makes him more than just a skilled carver; he’s a mentor, an inspiration, and a friend to all who share this timeless craft. His story is a testament to where passion and perseverance can take you, and he invites you to join him on this remarkable journey.