Is Cottonwood Good for Carving (And Which Projects it Works Best For)

Cottonwood has certain advantages and disadvantages when used as a material for carving, so let’s take an in-depth look at its properties.  We’ll discuss its characteristics and provide tips on getting the best results. We’ll also cover both the benefits and drawbacks associated with using cottonwood as a material for your project. Using Cottonwood for … Read more

Is Maple Good for Carving? (And Some Pitfalls to Avoid)

Japanese maple tree with red leafs close-up, focus on left red leafs

The type of wood used when carving can significantly affect the final result. One of the most popular wood choices for carving is maple wood. The question is, is maple wood good for carving?  Maple has a straight grain with a fine texture, making it an ideal wood choice for carving. However, maple wood is … Read more

4 Ways to Soften Wood for Carving

Beginner wood carvers are generally advised to start with wood that is easier to carve. However, there comes a time when you may want to start working on wood that is more difficult to carve, like oak. Knowing how to soften wood will go a long way in making your carving experience seamless and easy. … Read more

Is Mulberry Wood Good for Carving? (And 5 Tips to Make it Easier)

Mulberry wood is good for carving. It is soft for hardwood, making it easy to shape but also strong and durable. Mulberry is not as easy to carve as softwoods but is one of the easier hardwoods. Additionally, Mulberry is rot-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor sculptures.  There are endless possibilities to carve beautiful things … Read more

Is Cedar Good for Carving? (Pros & Cons)

It’s easy to understand why so many newbie woodcarvers naturally gravitate to cedar. Cedar is great for wood carving. For starters, it’s a softwood. That means it will be very easy to work with carving tools. Secondly, the grain is traditionally straight and clear of knots. Third, it’s (relatively) easy to put a finish on … Read more

Is Pine Good for Carving? (7 Pros and Cons)

One of the most important things new woodcarvers need to master is understanding how different wood materials behave when carving, working and finishing them. In this detailed guide, we run through everything you need to know about carving with pine. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a pretty good idea of when – and … Read more

Is Poplar Good for Carving? (3 Pros & 3 Cons)

Poplar is easily one of the easier hardwoods to work with when you are starting off as a woodcarver. Poplar is good for carving. It’s a softer hardwood, meaning it will be relatively easy to carve. Poplar is capable of incredible detail – and holding that detail – in a way that legitimate softwoods aren’t.  … Read more

Is Cherry Wood Good for Carving? (And 3 Tips To Make it Easier)

Cherry is beloved by woodworkers and woodcarvers for a number of reasons. Relatively affordable and easy to find, cherry has rich and vibrant colors and doesn’t need a lot of “doctoring” to finish beautifully. But how easy is cherry wood to carve? Cherry wood is one of the easier hardwoods to carve. Sitting somewhere between … Read more

Is Oak Good For Carving? (What You Need to Know)

Carving is a popular hobby for many people, but there’s a massive learning curve when you’re just getting started. You’ll want to make sure you’re starting off not only with the right technique but also with the right wood to match your skill level.  Is Oak Good for Beginner Carvers? Oak is a popular choice … Read more

How to Cut a Square Hole in Wood (Without a Jigsaw)

Do you want to learn how to cut a square hole in a piece of wood? We offer four ways to do that and include helpful information about the tools needed and steps to take. Continue reading to find out more! Safety Tips Before You Start Working with wood means handling sharp tools and being … Read more

Can I Glue Wood Together for Wood Carving?

Carving wood is a beautiful way to decorate the home. The art has been there for centuries, and many people are quickly turning it into a fun hobby they can engage in with their families and friends.  You can use a variety of tools to carve your wooden pieces, such as a good-sized utility knife, … Read more

Wood Carving 101: Everything You Need to Know

Wood carving is a form of woodworking that involves the creation of artworks out of wood. The term also encompasses the activity of woodturning, which is the process of creating wooden objects on a lathe. Wood carving has been around for thousands of years, and it is still enjoyed by people worldwide today. There are … Read more